Two co-workers Adam and Shae are due to finish their contract soon. They have been both practicing taekwondo for around two years and they both gained their black belts/ IL Dan. As a send off our taekwondo instructor organised a little leaving ceremony. The six teachers who currently practice taekwondo (David, Lauren, Nick, Shae, Adam and I) attended the ceremony on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We all practiced taekwondo together with the Korean students. The young students performed a variety of kicks and techniques for us. It was very impressive. After the students showed a variety of their skills, it was our turn. First all of the teachers fought the students in a sparring match. This was a little uncomfortable as they are all very young and we have taught the majority of them at our school! But they were all a higher grade in taekwondo than all of us so they were very good. After the sparing all of the teachers showed the Korean students some kicks. We also broke wooden boards with our hands and our feet. This was difficult! I was very nervous as I wanted to impress the little students! Overall it was a lot of fun. Certainly a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

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