Busan 25KM Ocean Walk

Busan Segal Walk

On the weekend of the 27th April David and I decided to walk one of the seagull trails in Busan. We headed to Busan on Friday night and stayed near Songdo beach. The next day we woke up early and started our 25km hike. Most of the trail was flat and it was located along the coast so it was pretty and relaxing. We started the hike near Songdo beach and ended it six hours later in Taejongdae. In Taejongdae there was a tourist park and here we took a Danubi shuttle train (costing 1,500 won) to sight see the local sights.

After exploring Taejongdae we headed to Haeundae beach. Here we checked into Vesta Jimjillbang. (Costing 6,000 won each) It was really nice. It had the usual gender segregated floors each with many hot and cold baths, showers etc. The entire floor overlooked Haeundae Beach. The Jimjillbang also had a unisex sleeping area and a nice rooftop that also had a fantastic view of Haeundae beach.  After a much needed long soak in the baths we both met up and went to the main sleeping area. At 12 o’clock quilts were available and we set up our beds and went to sleep. It was very busy. It was full of family’s, single people, travellers, people of all ages really. But this didn’t prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep as we passed out easily!  In the morning we enjoyed breakfast on the rooftop overlooking the beach and dipped our feet in the hot baths on the roof.

After this we left and spent the day at Me-World, a small amusement park. It was a little dated but cheap and cheerful. It cost 12,000 won each for the freedom pass so we couldn’t really complain.

In the afternoon we headed to Gwangalli beach. It was busy as there was a fish festival. We ate some lunch at a Mexican restaurant before starting to make our way back to the bus terminal and then onto Changnyeong. I definitely want to return to Busan and walk a different seagull trail soon.

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