Cherry Blossom Season

It is that time of year when Korea is swept with a blanket of cherry blossoms! They are just soooooooooooooooo pretty! In previous years David and I have been to a variety of locations to enjoy the blossoms. This year our chosen destinations were Bugok and Miryang. We travelled to Miryang via Bugok as we noticed that this area had a lot of cherry blossom trees. This was a nice photo stop as the trees were very fluffy and the streets were very empty!  After taking a few shots we headed to Miryang. When we arrived in Miryang we started our day my taking a ride on a duck-boat. We have been meaning to do this for a while now, we were waiting for a sunny day and that was this day! The view from the Nakdong river is really nice. We were able to see a different side to Yeongnamru temple. After our boat ride we spent the remainder of our day walking the fortress wall and admiring the cherry blossoms some more!

The next day Sunday, (31st March) David and I decided to take a bike ride to Upo Wetlands. This turned out to be around a 40KM round trip! It took two hours to ride there and two and a half hours to ride back. It was a very pleasant day as it was sunny but still nice and cool. We had a picnic at Upo which was nice as it has very pretty scenery (and there were few insects, always a bonus). On the way back we got chased by a few dogs but this was okay as we were able to out-ride them!  I really felt healthy doing this bike ride but I don’t think I will be doing it again too soon!

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