Half Marathon

At the finish line!

We did it!!! On Sunday David and I completed a half marathon. We participated in the Yeongdeok marathon. There were a variety of running courses available. We signed up for our preferred run via the internet. We heard about it after participating in the Daegu marathon where they handed out flyers advertising it.

The Gyeseong Giants!

In total six of the teachers from CEV signed up for a run. Stephanie and Brain ran the 5k course. Amanda and Brandon ran the 10k course.  We all did extremely well especially considering it was super hot, temperatures ranged from 30-36 degrees!!! In addition to this we all had very little sleep. Yeongdeok is in north of Gyeongsangbuk Province about 3 hours away from Changnyeong. We arranged through the sign up website to be picked up by a shuttle bus from Daegu at 4am! It was very difficult to wake up  but a lot easier than making our own way there via public transport. Everybody on the bus was extremely friendly and KBS news was even there, trying to encourage us to speak on camera. The other teachers did so I wonder if they made it onto the local news that evening?!

We arrived at Yeongdeok at around 7am and the race started at 8am. After 2 hours 45 minutes of a gruelling run we finished and spend the rest of our free time relaxing on the beach. Our shuttle bus took us back to Daegu at 2.30pm. All in all a very successful day!

A cold walk through shower at the finish line...amazing!

A cold walk through shower at the finish line…amazing!

Jumping into the ocean which was very cold...bliss!

Jumping into the ocean which was very cold…bliss!

We are considering signing up for a full marathon in September near the  DMZ  . But our muscles will have to heal before we do that!

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