Baseball, Sand and the Black Eagles

Daegu Stadium

On Saturday David and I went to a baseball game in Daegu with all of the other teacher’s at CEV. The Samsung Lions were playing Doosan Bears. It was a good game. The atmosphere was fantastic. There were cheerleaders, both men and women, cute mascots and everything was incredibly cheap. The tickets cost 8,000 won and you can take your own food and drink into the stadium. Even if you wanted to buy refreshments inside, it is all reasonably priced.

Samsung Lions Cheerleaders

On Sunday David and I went to Busan for a day trip. We normal take the bus from Changnyeong but this time we decided to drive to Miryang and take a train from there. This way we cut out the grueling 30 minutes subway ride from Sobu bus station to Haeundae beach. The train took us from Miryang direct to Haeundae beach in 1 hour, a lot more pleasurable than the hot bus which takes longer and is more expensive.


We arrived at the beach and it was crazy busy due to Busan Sand Festival and the Black Eagles air show. After enjoying the air show we looked at the sand art and then made some sand castles of our own. We had a picnic on the beach, walked around before heading back to Miryang. (We took the 12.40 train to Busan and the 4:50 train back. It was short but sweet and worth it.)

We came across a nice little street in Miryang with lovely paintings. It was very cute!

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