Color Me Rad Korea!

At the weekend we took part in a Color Me Rad run in Seoul. It was a lot of fun! The event was held in Seoul Olympic Sports Complex. As it was extremely busy there was not a chance to run, it was more of a fun walk but this was okay with me. At various points of the course colour tunnels were set up. The first colour was orange, then pink, blue and yellow. As you walked through a group of volunteers threw coloured powder all over you!  The atmosphere of the event was fantastic. Everybody was having a lot of fun and were very happy to be covered in so much colour! To participate in the race the sign up fee was 35,000 won. This included a t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses. There were also a lot of freebies to be had at the end of the race. Everybody got their own colour powder pouch(s), wet wipes and vitamin water(s).  It was a very messy experience but I am glad we did it!

We drove to Miryang from Gyeseong and took the mungunwha train to Seoul on Friday night. David and I stayed in H20 Guest House. It was located in the North of Seoul, about 10 minutes walk from Myeongdeong. It is a really nice place with very nice and helpful staff. The owner didn’t even mind that we were covered in so much colour!

We spent the remainder of our Saturday and all day Sunday eating, shopping and exploring the different districts of Seoul. Soon we will be leaving Korea so we are trying to make the most of the time we have left. Seoul is definitely a place that I will miss visiting!

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