Upo Wetland’s Trail

The weekend of 15th June David and I went to Upo Wetlands.

  • Upo Wetlands is located 10 km from Gyeseong. It is an environmentally important wetland. This is a great place to visit in all seasons. It is always bustling with wildlife. There are many good walking routes to explore, short and long. There are also bicycles (tandem and regular)  to rent throughout the year for a reasonable price.

Changnyeong Map

We have visited Upo Wetlands many times before but we have never walked the trail around the marsh. Today we decided to give it a go. It is a 12/13 kilometres walk and took us around three hours. The path was unclear at times but there were not many insects so I was happy about that. The scenery throughout the trail was incredibly pretty. It started with the marsh lands and then turned into overgrown plants. Next it lead us through some trees and through a path with paddy fields on either side and eventually back to the marshes. David and I came across a small wooden boat and I couldn’t resist getting in. I soon regretted this choice as there were MANY fat water spiders in there. I quickly jumped out, straight into the water but didn’t get that wet! The entire day was very nice, the scenery was incredibly beautiful. Definitely a nice way to spend a Sunday at the end of the month when funds are low!

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