Changnyeong to Bugok Hiking Trail

Changnyeong to Bugok

Hmmm do we really want to do this?!

Changnyeong to Bugok (4)

Cute dog hanging out on the top of Hahwang San!

Changnyeong to Bugok (3)

9.1 KM down 10.9 Km to go…!

On Saturday David and I hiked from Changnyeong all the way to Bugok. This was a challenging 21 km hike through mountainous terrain, it took us 11 HOURS! It was such a lovely hike. The scenery was gorgeous and we got to see a different side to our usual hiking spots BUT I was glad it was over when it was. I was POOPED by the end! We started our hike at 8.30 am from downtown Changnyeong. The hike to the top of Hwawang san was very steep and really difficult. I was carrying a backpack that weighed around 10 pounds so this made it even more challenging. We ended our hike in the main area of Bugok hot springs at 7.30pm. We finished by dark, which was great. We headed straight to a motel. We chose DW Motel, it was really nice. There were three levels of rooms ranging from 50,000won to 70,000won. We chose the 60,000won room because it had a gigantic bath. The majority of the hotels in Bugok tap into the natural hot spring so our bath water was naturally heated and it was amazing! Especially after our long day.

Changnyeong to Bugok (2)

DW Motel

Changnyeong to Bugok (1)

Naturally heated GIGANTIC bath… AMAZING!

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