Working Hard or Hardly Working?!

Book Making

Once a year the teachers at CEV have to make a text book to use at the school. This year we had to make two completely different books. One for beginner students and one for advanced students. Each book had to contain around 100 pages. It was a difficult task as we didn’t have much allocated time to complete them, but we managed to meet the deadline just about! As CEV has many simulation rooms the topics in the text books centred around them. Every teacher concentrated on one or two topics. This involved making a cover page for each topic, this was probably the only fun part about making the entire book!

2 responses to “Working Hard or Hardly Working?!

  1. HI Becky! I posted a comment on one of your previous ESL Korea blogs, but I’m copying and pasting here as I hope you will definitely receive my comment! =)

    It is wonderful to find your blogs on life in Korea and teaching ESL here in Changnyeong English Village.

    I hope you will receive this comment and email me, at

    I am interested in teaching ESL in Korea and I have visited Seoul, when I was teaching ESL a few years back in Taiwan. I would like to immerse myself in Korean language and culture, learn to read, write, speak, and ideally work in a small town – sounds like this is the perfect place!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Sheela Narayanan

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