Where I work

 CEV is situated about 7km away from Changnyeong in a village called Gyeseong. Changnyeong is a town of 70,000 people and is very rural by Korean standards. Gyeseong is very small with only a handful of houses.We are about 40km away from the south coast, in between Busan and Daegu.

CEV is an English Village, where students come to be taught in an immersion program. There are 8 teachers, from various countries and we teach different students every week as part of the ‘camp’. In the evenings we have a hagwon style class where the same students return everyday, this is nice as we get to know these students much more.

 We really enjoy being in Gyeseong, we have a lovely apartment overlooking fields and mountains and our car makes everything much more accessible.


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