ChangNyeong- Where I live

David and I are living in a village called Gyeseong. Gyeseong is very small with only a handful of houses. We are about 40km away from the south coast, in between Busan and Daegu. Gyeseong is in Changnyeong County and it is about 7km from down town Changnyeong. It has a population of around 74,000 people and is very rural by Korean standards. Changnyeong is a province  in south region of South Korea. The province  is called Gyeongsangnam-do.

We really enjoy being in Gyeseong, we have a lovely apartment overlooking fields and mountains and our car makes everything much more accessible.

Changnyeong Map

This video is an advert made to promote our town, Changnyeong. We are told that this commercial will be shown throughout Asia. It is available in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English. If you watch the whole video you will see David and I feature in it, with the other CEV teachers!

8 responses to “ChangNyeong- Where I live

  1. Hi Becky & David, I have been thinking about moving to Changnyeong recently. I’d love to know more about this area aside from that it’s famous for Cinnamon, Apples, and the wetlands.

    • Hello, Yes we live here. It is very nice. Where exactly will you be working? It is a great place to live but it is a very small town. I would think Busan would be more exciting!!!

      • Hello! I think there is. I live about 9km out of Changnyeong in a little village. Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

  2. Are you working for a public school? If so, do they give u long vacations over there? Thanks for the info 😉

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