In September I started my new twelve month teaching contract in South Korea. This contract is at the same school that I have been already working at,Changnyeong English Village in Gyeongsangnam-Province. David and I have decided that this year will be our final year living in South Korea. Including this contract we will have worked here for a total of four years and three months. Eeeeekkk …how time flies!

I came to South Korea in 2008. I intended to stay for one year. After two and a half years working in two different schools I returned to the UK but  after ten months I returned to South Korea to work at my current school. I committed to another two years of teaching and residing in this beautiful country.

Although I am extremely happy with my decision to return to the UK in September 2013, I can not help to feel nervous, anxious and most of all incredibly sad to be leaving South Korea.

So for my final year here, I have decided to make the most of every minute I have. This means more festivals, more temples, more beaches, more camping, more skiing, more motels, more pensions, more shopping, more markets, more eating meats, more eating sweets, more drinking, more DVD rooms, more arcades, more exploring, more vacations, and of course more snapping with my camera and more blogging so my family know what I am up to and so I will never forget my precious time here!

I previously used Blogger but now WordPress has won we over. My final year, The Final Chapter, a new contract a new blog!

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    • Hello!

      “I am currently a teacher at Changnyeong English Village.

      I worked here in 2008 for one year. Then I taught near Seoul for 14 months. I went back to the UK for 10 months and then decided I missed Korea too much so I return back to CEV with my boyfriend.We are currently on our second contract here. My boyfriend and I will go home in September 2013. As you can see I think CEV is not a bad place to work!!!

      We live in a very small village called Gyeseong. This is in the town of Changnyeong. It is very small and rural but really nice. We all live in gorgeous apartments next to our school. In the surrounding area there are a couple of shops but nothing much else to do except walk in the beautiful paddy fields! The closest town Changnyeong is about 8KM away. It is very easy to catch a bus. My boyfriend and I have a car and another couple have a scooter but you don’t need to have your own transport as the buses run regularly. In Changnyeong we have a bus station and it is excellent. There are frequent buses into Busan, Daegu, Masan, Seoul etc. The fares are all very cheap. We get the bus into Busan rather than drive because it’s much more convenient! Busan in about 1 hour 20 minutes on the bus.

      It is an alright place to work. I like it but some people do not like it! Have you read anything negative on the Internet? If you have they tend to be written by single people. I guess it can be lonely if you are here by yourself. In the past there has been two singles working at one time but right now there are four couples, so if you came as a single person it might be a bit lonely! There are other foreigners who live in Changnyeong but because staff at CEV work different schedules you may not get a chance to hangout with them? (I was a’single’ person working here in 2008 and I found it okay. I just went to the city and stayed with other friends at the weekend.)

      Would you be coming here by yourself? What do you want from the experience? To save money? Learn the language? Do you like socialising/drinking/shopping/church? Let me know a little more about yourself and maybe then I can give you a little more advice! 🙂

      I hope I have been helpful! 🙂

  1. I’d be coming with my husband, actually. We’ve been in the Peace Corps (American volunteer org) for 2 years living in NW China. We don’t live in a rural area, but we’re used to roughing it a bit.

    We are all about saving money, getting to travel, and trying new food. We are currently in limbo as to whether or not we want to get our Masters in Education/TEFL, and we think Korea would be a nice place to test it out since it’s closer to an American work schedule. In China, we only work 14 hours a week so it’s definitely not realistic for other TEFL jobs!

    We haven’t really read anything bad. We are just trying to get as much info as we can since we’ve never been to Korea.

    I guess our major questions are:

    1) How hands-on is the staff (and is this good or bad?)
    2) How much of a say do teachers have in their daily lessons?
    3) What’s the attitude towards foreigners? Here in China, people are nice, but the constant staring, talking about us, and yelling ‘hello’ can sometimes be a deterrent to going outside.
    4) What’s your average work week like? (hours, # of classes, etc). We’re a little worried about the transition to so many hours, but we’re sure we can handle it.
    5) How much free time do you end up with? Do you get bored often? We’re the kind of people who are fine going out but usually like staying at home reading and watching movies.
    6) Currently we are teaching at the university level (though our students maturity level is closer to high school). We have never taught elementary/middle school students before. How easy are they to manage?
    7) Do you ever deal with angry parents?
    8) Is it difficult getting around outside the village without Korean language skills? Does the school offer any lessons for teachers?
    9) What are the major complaints that you’ve heard from others?
    10) Are they any food/general safety issues?
    11) Is it easy to deal with medical/dental issues?
    12) Any issues with N. Korean relations?

    Sorry for all the questions! They’re kind of based on our experience here in China and we want to make sure we’d fit in and not have any real problems. 🙂

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