A friends Wedding

Chloe's & Danny's Wedding

A friend from high school got married on Saturday and we were fortunate enough to attend. My friend Danny got married to the lovely Chloe. It was such a fantastic event. The ceremony itself was in Scalatium wedding hall in Seoul, it was a beautiful location. The hall was decorated beautifully, it was incredibly pretty. I have attended a wedding once before in Korea and that ceremony was entirely in Korean, it was nice that Danny’s and Chloe’s Wedding service was in Korean and English. I enjoyed understanding the beautiful words! Chloe’s dress was absolutely stunning as was she! For the first part of the day the bride and groom both wore western clothing then after the ceremony they changed into traditional Korean hanboks. These outfits were just as beautiful if not more. The entire day was lovely I really appreciate that I got to be apart of it. Thank you Danny Mc Creadie & Chloe Park!

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