Taekwondo Black Belt Competition!

Taekwondo Certificate

In November David and I participated in our Taekwondo competition. David was competing for his first black belt (il dan) and I was competing for my second black belt (ee dan). I gained my first black belt (il dan) qualification in my first teaching contract in Korea, November 2008.

The competition involved performing two different poomse routines and a fighting match with another competitor.

We were both extremely nervous, there was a lot of waiting around which didn’t help our nerves. The entire competition lasted around five hours, although our examination lasted around thirty minutes.

To add to our anxiety we did not find out if we passed on the day, we had to wait three weeks for the results.

We were relieved to find out that we both passed! David is now a first degree back belt and I and a second degree black belt. We are both extremely happy that our hard work has paid off!

Taekwondo Competition

*I was extra nervous because I had to fight against a Korean boy that was competing for his fourth dan!!!

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