Vacationing at home

At the end of September David and I went home for a two weeks holiday in between resigning our contract. It was great to be back in the UK and spend time with our families.

I really enjoyed home comforts, especially the FOOD. I ate a lot of home cooked meals as well as pub grub, cafe food, chippies and take-aways. I also enjoyed a large variety of wines and ciders. Every meal time was an exciting event.

My time at home was very busy but very exciting. I got to meet my new nephew, Owen and beautiful niece Poppy. I spent time with all of my family.

My Mum took me shopping and spoilt me, which was lovely. We also spent time lying around in our pyjamas in the middle of the day watching rubbish TV and drinking loads of tea.

I went to Wales with my Dad.  I found myself doing tourist style activities. We ate crumpets and had afternoon tea. We also enjoyed some delicious pub grub with some lovely cider. We went to Liverpool and my Dad took me on the Ferry across the River Mersey and we done the usually Beatles trail as well as numerous drink at some pubs, chippies were also present.

I also went to a hostel in Derbyshire with My Mum and Ben, Kevin, Cat and Poppy. The weather was typically British but it was still lovely.

I did many shopping trips with my sister and gossiped ourselves through many meals and wine!

I also attended David’s sister’s wedding, which was amazing. I was a bridesmaid. It was such a beautiful day. I got to spend time with all of David’s family. They are all sooooooooo lovely it was I great to have a catch up.

I also managed to have a few drinks with my friends. This was such a funny night!

David and I didn’t really spend that much time together but this was okay as when we are in Korea we live and work together thus we will have plenty of time together!

My time at home was so hectic and crazy but I loved every minute of it because all my family and friends made it so special!!

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